Viet-Uc International Education and Study Tour JSC. (formerly known as Viet-Uc English Center since 2007) was established on March 20, 2014.)


To become a leading, prestigious, and reputable provider of educational services in terms of teaching general English and specialized English and to bolster the professional skills of both managers and teachers alike at all levels.


Training and fostering high school students to be excellent communicators of foreign languages who are capable of advancing their lives through future career development and international integration; Training managerial staff, experts, and teachers at the high school level to develop professional skills and confidence in communicating through foreign languages.

Core values



1. To meet the strategic objectives of the educational socialization program.

2. To provide more employment opportunities for unemployed graduates.

3. To generate a qualified labor force for the community.

4. To implement the Government’s education orientation which is to accelerate the program of integrating English in other subjects.

5. To provide students from all regions of the country with equal access to English.

6. To help foster students’ math knowledge as well as to improve their English proficiency and to build up close links with general English subjects.

7. To create a dynamic learning environment in schools, offer incentives for not only students but also teachers of every subject and staff to learn and communicate in English anywhere, at any time.

8. To aid the schools and organizations in managing the survey data through a unique program which assesses the effectiveness of the curriculum.

9. To develop students who can demonstrate their skills effectively on the international level and who are better equipped with scientific knowledge which can enhance the competitiveness of Vietnam in the international arena.